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Hearing Aids


Hearing Aid Manufacturers

At Advanced Hearing NY, we work with a number of different manufacturers in order to provide many hearing aid options for our patients. 

Styles of Hearing Aids

We provide all styles of hearing aids including Invisible In the Canal (IIC), Completely in the Canal (CIC), In the Ear (ITE), Behind the Ear (BTE) and Receiver in the Canal (RIC) hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Features

Today's advanced digital hearing aids have many available features including wireless technology, remote control options, and rechargeable battery options. 

Advanced Digital Technology

With the advancement in hearing aid technology we can offer significantly improved sound quality. There are a variety of technology levels in a hearing aid ranging from basic to advanced to premium. These technology levels typically determine the price of the hearing aid. 

Becoming a Successful Hearing Aid User

If you follow the steps below, you will be able to get the most from your hearing aids.

1. Wear the hearing aids as much as possible. You do not just hear with your ears; you hear with your brain. In order to retrain your brain how to hear, we recommend wearing the hearing aids throughout your waking hours.  

2. Write down the situations where you feel you are not hearing your best. Providing us with feedback can help us re-program your devices to work better for you. It may take several visits to your audiologist to achieve maximum benefit.

Hearing Blog

Research is being conducted all over the world on the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss including 'hidden' hearing loss and improving sound quality in hearing devices. Check our hearing blog regularly for fascinating research discoveries!