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Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

 Our office is equipped with state of the art audiological equipment, calibrated to meet the requirements of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for audiological testing. Our patients undergo extensive testing in order to obtain a complete hearing profile.


 Speech and tones are presented through earphones at various frequencies and decibel levels and patient reponses are recorded on an audiogram. 

Impedance Testing

 These tests are performed to evaluate the middle ear system (the ear canal, eardrum, middle ear cavity and the middle ear muscles) to determine if a patient has any indications of middle ear pathologies.

Otoacustic Emissions Testing

 This test does not require patient participation and can therefore be helpful in assessing infants and patients that cannot complete a behavioral hearing test. Otoacoustic emissions testing is performed to assess the integrity of the outer hair cells in the inner ear.