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Auditory Processing Evaluations

  Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) may cause difficulty in the understanding of speech information, despite normal hearing. Individuals with APD struggle with listening in certain environments as the brain has difficulty recognizing and interpreting sounds. Individuals with normal auditory processing abilities process sounds seamlessly and instantly while there is a kind of “glitch” or delay in those with APD. At Advanced Hearing NY, we use a special testing protocol for those presenting with APD symptoms. Once a diagnosis of APD is made, the nature of the disorder is determined. Understanding the specific type of auditory processing deficit is important in creating an individualized treatment plan. Treatment of APD typically focuses on three primary areas: improving the quality of the acoustic signal and environment, auditory training exercises, and recruiting higher-order skills to help compensate for the disorder.

Auditory Training

Auditory training exercises can be helpful for individuals who are experiencing auditory processing difficulties as well as for individuals who have hearing loss and have recently been fit with a hearing aid. The goal of auditory training is to (re)train the brain how to process the incoming auditory signals. While our ears (or hearing aids) may pick up the sound and send it to the inner ear, it is the brain that has to work to process it into something meaningful.  

At Advanced Hearing NY, we offer a variety of auditory training programs for those who are experiencing auditory processing deficits and for those with new hearing aids in order to achieve maximum benefit.