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Clinical Staff

Dr. Rivka Strom


Dr. Strom graduated with her doctoral degree in Audiology from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2009. Dr. Strom is a member of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and maintains her national certification in Audiology with ASHA. She has received several awards including Brooklyn College’s Excellence In Audiology Award and Sertoma Scholar in Communicative Disorders. Dr. Strom has worked with patients in a variety of settings including Columbia University Medical Center and Audiology Central. Dr. Strom is also a clinical preceptor and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Brooklyn College where she works closely with doctoral students and prepares them for their careers in audiology. Dr. Strom launched Advanced Hearing NY in 2017 with the vision of helping to enhance the lives of those suffering from auditory disorders. Hearing loss can impact more than just communication; it can have effects on one’s social, emotional, physical and psychological state. Dr. Strom is here to work with you in understanding your specific hearing challenges and in creating a personalized treatment program for you. 

Ariel Monserrate


Ariel is the Audiology Intern and is currently a doctoral student of Audiology at Montclair State University. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Hearing Science from SUNY Plattsburgh. Ariel was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY which has fostered passions for diverse populations and city life, making Brooklyn the perfect place for her to learn and gain experience. Ariel is involved in a broad array of in-office responsibilities including testing, hearing aid fitting, repairs, and counseling. She is especially interested in working with children and hearing aid technology. In addition to her standard clinical skills, Ariel is also proficient in American Sign Language. As a skilled and caring intern, Ariel is committed to improving her clients’ quality of life by maximizing their hearing and optimizing their communication ability.

Sarah Altreche


Sarah is the Audiology Assistant at Advanced Hearing NY and has been with the company since August of 2018. Not only is she an Audiology Assistant, but Sarah works elsewhere as an ABA Therapist for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sarah is also a full-time college student at Brooklyn College. She is studying to pursue a career in Audiology and anticipates to graduate in May of 2019 with a degree in Speech Communication and Disorders. Though she balances two jobs amidst a hectic workload from classes, Sarah still finds time to engage in activities she takes pleasure in such as singing, learning languages, and traveling. Sarah was taught how to sing when she was only two years old and has since carried the talent into her young adulthood. Her goal in life is to visit every continent and thus far, she has visited Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and of course, North America. 

Administrative Staff

Alix Zongrone Carney



Alix is the Administrative Assistant and has been with the company since July of 2018. She originally hails from upstate New York but spent most of her life in the upstate of South Carolina. She played soccer growing up and went on to play in college while pursuing her undergraduate degree in Biology from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. After her first degree, she obtained a second in Paramedic studies and worked EMS in South Carolina as a paramedic for two years. Her favorite part of EMS was getting to know her community and learning that everyone has a story tell. Her stint in EMS led her to a nursing degree from Columbia University, and she is currently a doctoral student in the Midwifery program at Columbia with the hopes of obtaining her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in the spring of 2021. She is enjoying big city life with her husband and their dog in upper Manhattan.


Kate M.

"Dr. Strom is kind, compassionate and professional. The hearing aids worked perfectly immediately. My entire family is enjoying my newfound hearing and I am enjoying it too. Thank you, Dr. Strom!"

Shely R.

"Excellent service! My mother was very pleased and impressed by the professional service. She was able to diagnose what other audiologists failed to give to my mother, and Dr. Strom managed to do so after only one session. five stars!!"

Izak H.

"Dr. Strom is a true professional and has outstanding patient care and bedside manner. Her devotion to audiology and comfortable hearing shows a true commitment to her patients. She has major accomplishments since she started her career, would absolutely recommend her welcoming practice."

Julia W.

"Dr. Strom is an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and experienced audiologist. She takes time to explain hearing health and cares a great deal about sharing how we can be better to our ears to prevent hearing loss. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is in need of an audiologist."

Rosaria M.

"Pleasure to have found this place. Staff & doctor are very nice and willing to help with anything. My mom is feeling better from when she first came. Thank you."

Gladys F.

"It was a shock to learn of my hearing loss! I was made to feel comfortable and confident dealing with my new life challenge. Dr. Strom welcomed me warmly and made me feel free to question and learn the best way to help my hearing at an optimum level. "